State the unobvious

Wearing is the new saying

ANYDAY is self-expression through style.

With unique designs, ANYDAY offers a fusion of quality and comfort, but with personality.

Whether you're relaxing after a fulfilling week or on-the go, our focus is enabling you to wear what makes you, you. And importantly, without compromising on sustainability.

This is all about you.


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Our Promise

To Earth

Sustainable Materials

For ultimate comfort and without compromising quality, our hoodies and sweaters are made out of a hybrid PolyCotton; 85% organic cotton with 15% recycled polyester.

Our Quarter Zips and Tees are proudly crafted from 100% organic cotton.

Find more on how we source our materials here.

Compostable Packaging

We've partnered with wastebased. and noissue to ensure all of our packaging is 100% non-toxic and compostable or recyclable. In case of returns, our mailers can be resealed and reused. 

Eco Washing & Dyeing

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we're always trying new innovative approaches to our apparel design and production. For example, one of the ways we significantly reduce water consumption is through our clothing washing process which uses high pressure steam.

Our vibrant colors look amazing, but more importantly do not contain chemicals that harmful for the environment.

Our Natural Cotton items are made to reduce their impact to the minimum. Made using undyed 100% organic cotton combined with a gentler spinning process which reduces energy needed. As a result you'll notice our Natural Cotton Collection have tiny specks of the original plant, adding to its unique character.  

Long-lasting Quality

Designed to last, not to be replaced.

We aim to fight fast fashion with fashion that is durable and look great for longer to reduce waste and the impact on the planet.

Taking responsibility for the environment and for the people working on our pieces is important to us. We aim to be transparent about materials we use and how we operate to reduce impact and waste. Simplicity, quality & honesty.

We are proud of our certifications for sustainable & ethical conduct, and we will always try to improve.

About our materials & practices


The sun is coming out and our tees are back! Always made of 100% organic cotton.

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Our main line of unisex t-shirts in stunning colorways. Oversized, relaxed fit with our heavyweight 100% organic cotton.